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Audrey Hepburn - Resined Canvas

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Unique pigment prints with hand-painted details.

72" x 37" x 3" - 45lbs

Spray paint and acrylic over a pigment print on canvas.  With resin coating, and wood panel.  The most substantial multiple we do, each is unique and awesome.  Wood panel frame.  Requires crating for shipping, or Los Angeles pickup is also available.

Looking for something a little more affordable?
Archival pigment print on hot-pressed cotton rag paper available in the Edition Prints section.
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Now offering large framed prints and collage-framed prints
Variety Magazine's gift of the year.

Large Collage-Frame Prints
Standard and Large Framed Prints
Pigment print on cotton rag paper.  Large prints can be set in either a hand-built black matte frame or a hand-built frame collaged with the original articles from the piece.  All prints come numbered and signed.  Framing adds roughly 8" to both dimensions.
Canvas Prints with Resin  (these are hand-worked multiples, stretched on panel, look like the original pieces only smaller.
Pigment print on canvas with spray paint and acrylic, wood panel frame, and resin coating.  (All prints are numbered out of an edition size of 10.)  Average framed size is 5' tall by 4’ wide.
Before Discount:
Black Matte Frame: $3,200
Hand-Collaged Frame: $6,500 
Large Canvas Resin Print: $8,500 
Canvas-Resined Prints:



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